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Deploy for your Council

To create a website for your Council, please get in touch online or call us on 01-2544363 and we can guide you through our straightforward setup process. The heavy lifting is on our end. Once we receive your GIS lookup data we can crete your Council-branded website and report service. Once the service is deployed, the service is largely automated. is an online service for Irish local authorities that wish to deliver online planning reports for staff and members of the public. The service is used by these two distinct stakeholders, as follows:

  • Members of the public can generate a pre-planning report before they proceed with a planning application. This means they are more informed and the report can be used at a pre-planning clinic to outline any concerns with the proposed boundary.
  • Council planners can view a report for any new planning file to help with their decision-making process. The service interrogates up to 50 GIS layers to create an instant report for the planner. This work may well be carried out manually by the planner, so this service saves lots of time gathering this information.

The service is deployed for Irish Councils using a unique website name and brand. For example, Galway County Council recently deployed and their web name is "". This website includes the colours and styles associated with their corporate brand and this offers a seamless user experience for members of the public that visit the service from the Council's main website. The customized website is designed and hosted as part of the service for the Council. is provided by Pin Point Alerts Ltd., a Kilkenny-based IT services company specialising in local authority solutions. Most Councils already use our service to issue location-focused alerts for Council issues, while other Councils use our "countywide text alert" services for Community Alert. We have over 20 years experience within the Irish local authority IT/GIS sector. We would relish the opportunity to deliver a professional pre-planning report service for your local authority.